Welcome to all new Premier Hydro Store! If you created a customer account prior to 01/20/2021 you will need to update your password.


About us

Premier Hydro

Premier Hydro is located at 11740 Belleville Road, Belleville, Michigan 48111. We have been proudly serving this area since 2011. Our hours of operation are Monday thru Saturday 11am-6pm and Sunday closed temporarily. You can email us at and find us on social media by visiting the bottom of our home page and clicking on the icons, or give us a call at 734-325-6210.


We realize the inconvenience it can cause when our brick and mortar location does not have something in stock, SO we are changing the way we do business. With 260,000 Sq. Ft of packed warehouses now local, we can have just about anything you need today delivered to our store! If our suppliers have it today, you can HAVE IT TODAY (Some restrictions apply).

Log onto our website and check inventory before coming to the store and if we do not stock it but our local vendor does, we will make sure we have it in store within a few hours. If you would rather shop online and not visit the store in person, we will get your item shipped to you lightning fast. If you live too far away to drive to the store, we still can make this work for you! Set up an account and give us a call 734-325-6210.

Customer Service

We have been proudly serving the metro Detroit area for going on 8 years. We are available to answer all of your questions to the best of our knowledge. We do not know all the answers always, but rest assured we have the right contacts to get you those answers! 

Create a Customer Account

Creating a customer account will help us better serve you and offer you some nice features and incentives people without accounts won’t receive.



If you are already a customer of ours, then you know we blow away all other stores in staff knowledge and in-store experience. Improving upon the in-store experience by having will continue to separate us from everyone else. Hard to beat pricing, checking stock before coming to the store, incentive based customer accounts, and having Premier Hydro helping you in your garden is the Premier Hydro difference!

Reach out to us!